Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Change of Scenery

I know blog posts have been sporadic at best lately...Well, I have a decent excuse--I've been busy. Real busy!
Cherry Blossoms' runs will soon be experiencing a change in scenery...B. and I are now proud homeowners (or we will be on closing day). I'm super excited about the house and painting and buying new furniture (and getting out what has become a very loud apartment complex). In about a month we'll be moving a few minutes farther west, and with the move comes new running routes to explore. You know how much I love running in the Clayton, Brentwood area. I love the extra wide bike lanes and the lush tree-lined residential streets. I adore Forest Park. And, I will certainly miss my old favorite go-to routes, the ones where I could predict which people I'd pass based on the time of day I went out. But, I'm very excited to map some new routes and explore my new neighborhood on foot!

In the intervening weeks since my last post, yes, I've still been running. I'm getting up early before work and doing 3-5 miles on most days. I love being up early when the sun is just rising and feeling like I've accomplished a ton by the time I sit down at my desk for work. The half marathon was...well, miserable. Because of unseasonably hot humid weather, they ended up calling the marathon off. The heat really affected me, and my time wasn't even as good as last year's. Oh well. You can't control the weather in the Midwest, I suppose. My next up-coming race is a the Zoo fundraiser 5k. If you recall, it was my first ever 5k two years ago. This year I'm running it with my very speedy sisters. I am still trying to regain my speed (if it could ever be called that), but my sisters are hoping to place in their age groups! It's awesome to have a family that you can be active with! Can't wait!


  1. I can't wait either! Let's hope it stays cool.

  2. Your new house looks lovely. Congrats on homeownership! Enjoy exploring new running rountes close to home!