Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trying to Get Excited for Race 1 of 2011

I'm scheduled to run the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon again this Sunday. Last year at this time, I was unbelievably excited--it was to be my very first distance race. I couldn't stop planning what I would wear and imagining how the day would go. This year...well, let's just say, if I hadn't already paid (making it a waste of money not to go), I'd stay in bed on Sunday morning. Why aren't I excited about it this year? I wish I knew. Maybe because it was originally supposed to be a marathon, and because my training work ethic was lousy during the winter months, I'm not ready to do 26.2 and downgraded to the half. Maybe it's because it's the exact same boring race course as last year. I mean, really, you couldn't switch it up a little bit? Or, maybe it's because when I run a race of a similar length,  I always want to beat my time (2:18 in this case), and I don't know if that'll happen this time. I'm hoping for a modest 2:15. We'll see.

But, it's not all about me. I might not be excited about my own race, but I'm psyched for a Facebook friend who is doing the half for the first time ever. It's part of her getting healthy and fit journey, and I'm so excited for her to get the chance to prove to herself how far she's come. Good luck, Mel!

In other news, if you'd like to follow me or any of the other racers, you can do it by clicking here. My bib number is: 2591

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  1. Congrats on running your second half marathon Angela! We at PRORehab have posted a new blog that focuses on combating muscle cramps and what to do when they occur so we thought we would share! We're excited to share our information with those interested. Good luck on the race this weekend and be sure to look out for PRORehab's therapists and athletic trainers in the medical tents along the course! Thanks for sharing!