Monday, February 28, 2011


Last week when one of my favorite bloggers Endurance Isn't Only Physical wrote about the Reset Theory, it resonated with me. Long story short, she had noticed how some of the healthy eating habits she'd worked so hard to build were slipping, and she decided to take back control on that slippery slope. Boy, do I feel that.

I started my healthiness journey about 2 years ago. I went from 198 pounds down to a momentary low of 158 (still 8 pounds shy of my goal weight). Right now (and for about the last 4 months) I've been hovering right around 166. What happened? Marathon training happened. For the first time, I was expending the kind of energy that had to be refueled. I went from being able to keep my calories in a weight loss mode to be famished all day every day. Could those all have been healthy calories? Of course, but it was all too easy for me to justify the pizza, the ice cream, and the burgers when I'd just burned something like 1500 calories on a long run. Worst of all, when marathon training was over, I found it incredibly difficult to slip back into an appropriate calorie intake for someone who wasn't running 40 miles a week.

And, here I am. Still "healthy," still fit, but not comfortable with those extra pounds. I don't need them. Running would be easier and less painful without them. So, I need to refocus, reset if you will. I need to find the frame of mind I was in two years ago when I lost 40 pounds. How did I do it? On the exercise front, I worked out 5 to 6 days per week, including cardio, strength, and flexibility sessions.
Food-wise, I:
  • Stayed within my daily calorie range, religiously.
  • Measured and weighed my portions carefully (not fun, but it sure did the trick).
  • Avoided eating fast food, and when I had to eat out in general, I carefully researched what I could eat there that was reasonable.
  • Ate lots of fruit and veggies and not a lot of meat.
All that is what I'm recommitting to until I lose these last 16 pounds. I've met all the other goals I've set for myself--Why should this one be any different? I'm going to record my beginning measurements and get back to work. Until that goal is reached, half marathons are the longest race I'm signing up for. I can train for a half without turning into a giant blob of hunger. When I reach my goal, I can re-evaluate...although I can definitely tell you that the next time I attempt a marathon, I will make the time to see a nutritionist, even if it is expensive.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

One in a Million

Just when I think I'm losing my running mojo, the weather gets warmer, the snow melts a little, and I can't get enough of footfalls on pavement. I get tired but don't want to stop moving through the cool, crisp air. I'm back, people! I know it's only February and it's going to get cold again, but I'm relishing every single moment of our pre-spring.

I always complain about drivers who don't pay attention to cyclists, pedestrians, and runners. So, I thought I'd take a moment to appreciate a driver today, who though he didn't see me at first, made up for it afterwards. I was on a late evening run today; it was twilight. I was on the sidewalk that runs in front of our local high school. As I neared one of the entrances, I saw a small, red car coming up fast to its stop sign from the parking area. I was fairly certain that the driver didn't notice me (I kind of always assume the driver doesn't see's saved me many a close call). So, while I was still moving tentatively into the crosswalk, I was prepared to stop. The car screeched up to the stop sign and was about to go...I paused...and then the driver saw me. He held up his hand in a guilty wave, and I finished crossing. I didn't really think anything about it...after all, it was getting dark.

So you can imagine my surprised when his car pulled up along side of me. "Hey--SO sorry about that back there. I've really got to watch what I'm doing. Just felt bad." "No problem," I responded, "I was paying attention for you." Wow--instead of flipping me off or yelling out the window at me, he apologized. I ran on my way with smile. With a little consideration for each other, runners and drivers CAN get along!

Looking forward to another decent weekend and getting some more miles in! Be safe out there!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I really wish this event wasn't the weekend before the Go! St. Louis marathon. I'd LOVE to try the "long" distance duathlon!

I'm also trying to coerce B. into joining me for this off road team triathlon in 2012 (plenty of time to train!):

Have you tried multi-sport events?