Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Weather Hydration

Okay, so it's not exactly hot yet. More like warm. And, let me just say, I would never complain about beautiful sunny spring weather... but I'm experiencing a definite "transition" to running in warmth instead of sub-zero temps.

A couple of weeks ago when it first started to get warm, I went for an after work run in temps in the high 60s. I found that I was immediately thirsty. I had been drinking water all day and had downed about 16 ounces of water before I took off. Still, less than a mile in, I was unbearably thirsty. I think this might also have something to do with the decongestant allergy pills I have to take before running outside; they seem to give me dry mouth. However, I don't remember needing water during a short run (3 to 5 miles) last summer.

So, yesterday, I was planning a 6 mile run after work and it was about 72 degrees. I decided to use my water belt to avoid the misery of dusty throat. I drank a full 32 ounces of water before I left. And, finished my water bottles in belt in less than 3 miles... even though they got lukewarm very quickly. And, there was no good place on this particular route to refill.

If this super thirsty thing is how it's gonna be this summer (let's face it, it's only gonna get hotter and more humid), I need more water to carry with me. So, last night I did a little Amazon searching for hydration packs. I'm not a huge fan of my water belt, so I don't think the one with 4 small bottles would work for me. B. suggested a camel pack, but I feel like the straps would chafe. I've considered hand-held bottles, but at the risk of sounding like an idiot, I have trouble with keeping my arms moving with good form, and I think holding a bottle would exacerbate that issue. I found a waist pack with two 22-ounce bottles. That could be good, especially for long training runs this summer, but might be heavy.

But, for this one, I'm turning to the running community...
Is it normal to be thirstier when the weather changes?
Will I get back to normal once I'm used to warmer temps?
Anyone have a favorite hydration pack or ones you tried and didn't like?
Feedback would be much appreciated.


  1. I've been thirstier too. Our park drinking fountains aren't open yet, so I've been looping around the neighborhood and back to our house, for the water bottle waiting for me at our doorstep. I look forward to seeing what hydration packs others like and didn't like. As much as I don't like runnign with extra stuff, I may need to do this this spring.

  2. I find I get a bit thirstier when it's hot out, but not a whole lot. It may very well be the allergy medication you're taking.

    My hydration pack holds about 16 oz. That usually gets me through, depending on how hot it is and how long I run. That alone is quite heavy though. I couldn't imagine what 44 oz would feel like. But maybe if it's sitting just right it won't feel heavy or awkward.

    Good luck with your quest.

  3. You just need to hire someone to follow you in a golf cart. I'd be willing to do it. Call me and we can discuss compensation. ;)