Friday, April 2, 2010

9 Days and Counting!

I am so excited about the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon that I can hardly stand it! The race is a mere 9 days away!!

In the meantime, I've received my bib number: I will be runner 4327. As of right now, I don't think there's online tracking, but if that changes, I'll post an update. Next Friday, I'm taking a half day to pay a visit to the race expo. This will be my first expo, and while, the StL marathon isn't the biggest race in the world, I'm hoping for an expo full of free samples and other fun swag!

This Sunday is my last long run before the big day...I'll probably do 10, so I'll get a good workout but not push myself too hard. I really need a good run. Yesterday afternoon's run sucked plain and simple. It was hot, the exhaust from the passing cars was almost more than I could stand, and I was just tired. I did 5 miles, but walked a good little bit along the way. It's okay to have bad days, but this close to the race it made me a little anxious. But, I think a good run Sunday would improve my spirits.

Other things to do before the race?
1. Figure out how long it takes to get downtown to the starting area via Metrolink.
2. Print a map of the race area for B. so he can figure out strategic areas to intercept me for photo ops and cheering. (Side note: he's such a trooper...he's getting up at 5:30 on a Sunday morning to take me to the start and then hanging around waiting for me to finish. What a good boyfriend!)
3. Decide what I'm wearing. This is less girly than it sounds. I know what running tights I'll wear, but I need to figure out tshirt or tank and which one AND if I'm layering, what to wear that I don't mind discarding. I like all of my current workout wear and there's nothing I really want to say goodbye to forever. Might have to hit up the Target clearance section. At least all the discarded clothing along the route will be donated to a local charity.

ExcitedExcitedExcited! It's going to be hard to back off on runs this next schedule has a 4 and a 3. I won't know what to do with myself!

PS: A shout out to a couple of friends doing the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon tomorrow morning in Springfield, IL. Good luck, Ladies!


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about with the bad days being so close to the race. I've figured out that 60% is body, muscle, energy, etc. however, 40% is the mind, spirit, and soul telling your body what to do. You will do great and I might adventure down to the STL half to see what it is like. Thanks for the well-wishes!!!! GO US!

  2. Good luck, and you'll be fine. I've been having lousy runs this week too, due to the mini "tornadoes" we've been having here in AR.! OY, but it's been windy here! Most important advice I can give is to relax. people watch as you run and have fun! Good luck!! :-)

  3. Hey girl! I haven't check in on you in forever and just did some catching up. SOO proud of you for how far you've come! I'm amazed!