Monday, February 22, 2010

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Last week was unbelievably rough! Not a complete failure health-wise, but definitely not a success. The good news? I tried to keep my eating in check, even though every single meal was in a restaurant. I ordered the healthy option (although in some restaurants this was more of a lesser of two evils approach), didn't finish the huge portions, and drank LOTS of water.

The bad news: I did almost no exercise. Other than a few push ups and crunches in the hotel room. I hit up the so-called fitness center at the hotel the first night. It was in a sun room enclosure off the pool. And, it was unheated. Crazy me, when I packed, I packed to workout in a climate controlled indoor area; you know, shorts and tanks. I could literally see my breath in there. I lasted about five minutes before I gave up and went back to my room shivering. As the temperature was in the 20s-30s all week, I didn't bother going back.

I tried to get back on track over the weekend. Saturday, I went out for a short run. I only made it 3.5 miles. I looked at it as an exercise in listening to my body. I wanted to have a new distance record again this weekend, but I also knew I was going out completely physically drained. I committed to myself to only go as far as I felt good. When I got tired, time to go home.

Sunday was spent desperately trying to get caught up on all the things that have to happen before a new work week starts, no matter how tired you are: grocery shopping, laundry, errands, etc. Somehow in those short miles from Saturday, the top of my left foot started aching again (like it hasn't done in months), so I opted out of a hard workout and just did some stretching.

I'll be honest. I'm feeling discouraged that weight loss isn't happening faster. Why are the last 10 pounds the hardest?? It's also that point in February when I'm tired of the depressing cold and fiending for a little time in some warm sunshine. Spring can't get here fast enough! But, I'm going to try to power through. My goals for this week are to get back to my regular workout schedule. I have a strength workout scheduled this afternoon, no excuses! I also want to eat clean this week, to make up hopefully for the questionable restaurant-prepared foods from last week. I couldn't bring myself to weigh in (flying always makes me feel puffy), so I'm giving myself until this Friday to check back in on that front. Gotta be better than last week, right?


  1. Good luck with your training! I agree... spring can not come fast enough! I look forward to watching your progress and if you have a chance check out my blog too. :)

  2. I was the opposite of you. Lots of exercise but out of control eating! Good luck with those last 10 pounds.

  3. I was the opposite of you. I did a lot of exercise but had out of control eating. Good luck with that last 10 pounds. You will get there.