Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not Just Another Resolution List

On NYE, I spent the evening hanging out (sober--I was driving later) with my favorite girls and various significant others. Rollergirl suggested we go around and tell our new year's resolutions, and I didn't have any to share. I, Ms. Constant-Self-Improvement-Plan, don't believe in resolutions. Who'd have thought. Like I told Hott Mama once, "The funny thing about turning over a new leaf is that both sides look remarkably the same."

Not that I'm perfect (damn close, but...). Not that I love everything about myself. But, resolutions seem to me a subconscious form of self-hatred or, at the very least, self-doubt. On my day off yesterday, I read no less than a dozen articles on how to whip up a new and better me in 2008, from my waist-line to my love-life. What I really heard was 101 reasons I should be monumentally unhappy with some tiny aspect of my bigger picture. No one wrote about happiness with my current circumstances. Not one person supposed that what I've already got was the stuff of contentment. Nope, unless I could whittle off my muffin-top, discover new levels of intimacy with my guy, and snag that uber-promotion, 2008 would be a bust.

I refuse to buy that anymore. If the mantra of 2006-2007 was "Let. It. Go." (sometimes a good mantra takes awhile to soak in), mantra 2008 would be "Love Whatcha Got" (revised from "Fuck What Everyone Else Thinks"). If my estimation is correct, all other things will fall in line behind that idea. If I love my body (as is), I'll surely try to take care of it and keep it healthy, whether or not Kate Moss and I can ever share pants. If I love my job (hmm, have to work on that one), the love should theoretically shine through and get me the credit I so richly deserve. If I love B, I'll put in the time and thought it takes to make our relationship fabulous. And so on and so on and so on.

If you don't love what you already have, you'll never appreciate what you could have. Ya think?

So, belated new year's wishes for 2008. May you be confident in your choices and abilities. May you learn to love life. May I blog regularly.

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  1. i don't make resolutions either.
    being awesome naturally must run in our family ;)