Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fool Me Twice...

I've gone from "never" to "maybe...eventually" to "yes, definitely"...I went ahead and signed up for the Go! St. Louis marathon this week. I wanted to do one in Lawrence, KS, but even though the registration cost was higher for St. Louis, I figured it would all even out when you took into consideration the cost of travel, lodging, etc. What I didn't think through too thoroughly was the time...Right after I signed up, I tweeted that training started in January. Not quite, math whiz. Training for an 18 week program would have started last week. As it is, I'm planning for the average 16 week plan and starting next week. Next WEEK!

On one hand, I'll be very glad to have a regimen to follow again. I've been a terrible slacker in the running department since the last marathon. Seriously, my longest run has been a little over 10 miles...once. Usually they top out around 8. Part of that, though, has been the ridiculous cold (combined with my simultaneous distaste for the treadmill). Starting next week, there can be no more excuses, and more than likely, there will be many a run on a cold, dark winter's morning/evening that has to take place at the good old gym on the treadmill. Gotta to stop whining and do it. Hopefully, being on the treadmill will make me more likely to sprinkle in all the speed and tempo work I should be doing.

Another goal for this training cycle: not to slack off on the strength training. When I do it regularly I experience far less joint pain b/c the muscles in those areas are offering more support. That, and who doesn't want to be ripped just a little. I also have a month of unlimited classes (via LivingSocial coupons) for the boxing gym that I need to use at some point...Should I try to mix that in for cross training sessions? Will I still be able to get my money's worth?? Decisions, decisions.

So here I go again...Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I know what I'm signing up for this time...I just hope I can find the same level of motivation I had last summer. I'll have some blog fodder at the very least!
What's your favorite marathon training plan? 
I'm looking for alternatives to the Hal Higdon one I used last time.

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