Monday, January 4, 2010

The Numbers

For someone with a major math deficiency, I love to keep track of the numbers. Keeping track of my daily calorie intake is more like "fun" to me than a chore. Another example? Every day that I work out, I make an X in the corner of my desk calendar (kinda like a prisoner counting down the days...). Multiple workouts gets multiple Xs. At the end of each month, I count up the days I've worked out of 30 (or 31 as the case may be). Then, of course, I figure out the percentage. The best part comes at the end of the year when I figure the average amount of days I've worked out along with the average percentage for the year.

This year, I worked out...drum roll please...238 times. That's an average of 20 workouts a month, and on average, the number of days I worked out in a month was 65%. Not too shabby.

I could see a marked improvement in the numbers starting in March when my days for working out went up into the 20s. January & February were like 14 and 15 days. My max was 24 days in July. The only other month that was low was October, at 16 days, but part of that was due to having my wisdom teeth out and resting before my 10k. Overall nothing else kept me from getting out on the road or in the gym and doing what needed doing!

Here's to keeping that up in the coming year!

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