Friday, January 15, 2010

Looking for Inspiration

It's been a tough week...

I've spent all week trying to get my eating back on track: No chocolate in the house. No ice cream in the freezer. Eating veggies with lunch. Measuring servings. Staying as close to my calorie allowance as possible. Making good choices is hard sometimes. I'll start eating and feel that old mindless shoveling mechanism kick in...Take a deep breath and step away from the food; it'll still be there later.

I exercised consistently all week. Volleyball double header on Monday, cardio on Tuesday, strength and kick boxing on Wednesday, and (finally!) 5 miles outdoors on Thursday. Planning another tomorrow morning if these spring like (40 degree) temps hold out! I was about a half mile into my run when I remembered yet again, why treadmill running just isn't the same as pounding the pavement. It'd been almost a month since I was last able to be outside, and I felt like I was back to my late November endurance. I'll be honest, there were three or four 30 second walk breaks! It makes me nervous about gaining enough endurance to make it through 13.1 in April.

So, weigh in is technically tomorrow morning, but I couldn't wait to see if all my hard work had paid off. It hadn't...Since my all time low of 161.4 on January 2nd, I've rebounded a couple of pounds, and I really wanted it back off. But, no such luck. 164.4. I've been dancing around the same couple of pounds for months now. I'm so sick of it--really struggling right now. I feel like I'm doing everything I know how. But, there has to be something I'm missing. What is it? How do I ditch these last few pounds (14 now, boo)??? Is this just the world's worst plateau or am I doing something wrong? Should I try something extreme like a cleanse or keep trying to do this in a realistic way?

Just as I was feeling this way, though, I read a great reminder from KK on Running Through Life. Just because things are rough is no reason to give in to eating junk or slacking off. I'd literally been just about to go buy cookies. After reading it, I'm sitting here hydrating (love that H2O) and thinking about doing the healthy thing. Wish me luck =)

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