Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Themed Holiday

Last week was Hanukkah,and B. and I celebrated with one gift per night. Most of mine were running related (suprise, suprise). I got:
A Brooks Vapor Dry 2 headband:

A pair of Brooks Vapor Dry 2 gloves:

A Saucony DryLete skull cap:

A fuel belt for long runs:

A new iPod armband:

And the runner's best friend, a massaging foot spa:

Yesterday, despite the 20 degree temps, I suited up in all my new finery to go for a run...I was trying for 9.5 miles.

(There's no excuse for this cheezy smile...)

Sadly, even with my cold weather gear, it was just TOO cold for me. I've really enjoyed running in cooler temps. My body seems to work so much better at 40-50 degrees than at the higher temps from this past summer. But, apparently around the 20 degree mark is when I need to move it inside (at least for now). The wind was just too cold on my face and made it hard to breath, and I felt like my muscles/joints never really warmed up. So after 2.5, I was back home. Something to work on.

Any more seasoned runners out there have tips on how to improve the experience of running in very cold weather?


  1. wow, i am feeling incredibly lazy compared to you. i live in Los Angeles, and still find excuses not to go running outside.
    love all of the gear you have!

    xoxo alison

  2. The best thing is to just do it inside while watching your favorite cheesy girl flicks. Make yourself do sprints every time Molly Ringwald pouts, or Sarah J Parker struts down a street. Before you know it, you've run for two hours and not felt a thing. Alternatively, audiobooks also make boring treadmill time fly by.

    Keep it up!