Saturday, September 12, 2009

5K Take Two *Updated*

This morning, I ran my second 5K, Strides 4 Kids, in Tower Grove park in south city. Like the superb boyfriend he is, B. got up early and came with to take pictures and cheer me on. My goal for the race was 30 minutes, although I secretly figured it would be closer to 31.

Here's me, pre-race, sleepy but ready to rock it:

I've never run in Tower Grove, so I didn't realize that most of the second half of the race would be an up hill battle (okay, maybe more like a slight incline battle...) In fact, after the 2.5 mile marker, with all the twists and turns in the road, I was completely turned around and was suprised when I suddenly saw the finish line in the distance.

This is me, realizing I'm almost done and trying to kick it up a notch:

I'd been keeping tabs on my time on my watch b/c this event didn't provide timing chips, and I wanted to know my exact time from when I finally crossed the start line vs the race clock. My actual time was about 10 seconds faster than the official clock:

Mission accomplished: 29:27 was my personally recorded time. Not only was I under my goal time, but I improved from my last race by almost 5 minutes...all that work is actually paying off. It felt great!
Now the question is: 10K? It's at the beginning of October...just not sure yet.

**Race results came out: out of 96 runners, I came in 56th, and out of 56 women, I came in 25th! I was so excited I went ahead and signed up for the 10K. Wish me luck!


  1. You are AWESOME!!! That is seriously so exciting! My ultimate goal when I started jogging was to do a 5k in under 30 min. So far I've done 1... in like 41.5 min haha. That is really great that you did so well!