Friday, May 9, 2008

A Room of My Own

Growing up, my family lived in a small ranch house with one bathroom...for 6 people. I had my own room, though, and it became my oasis from the noise and activity. The walls were painted a soothing peach (that I'd never pick out now), and the decor was all pastel. I spent hours reading teen romance novels, writing in my journal, and listening to music behind those four walls. My little sisters were sure to try to sneak in and read said journal or listen in on my oh-so private and important phone calls, but all in all, it was where I went to be alone and soak in the silence.

Granted, living in an apartment, all the rooms can essentially be my own. In my digs in the hood, however, I never felt really at home. The apartment was old, and no matter how much I cleaned, it never felt sparkling. I and my sundry possessions were cramped in a tight space. I always felt a little claustrophobic.

Not so in the new place. The comment was made earlier this week, "What's your deal? I haven't seen you in this good of a mood in ages." I think it's all the space in this new apartment. I have room to wander around when I'm stuck on a writing project. There are tons of windows to let in the light. It's quiet--there's no marching band practicing in the parking lot. I can go for a walk at dusk without fear of getting assaulted. That would make anyone smile.

I've been here for one week, and I'm starting to feel at home. There are still boxes of various cables that I'm not sure attach to what. There's nothing on the walls yet, and the bike still needs to be put in the storage area in the garage, but all in all, I feel pretty moved in.

Take a look:

Look, no more yellow duckies! So very grown up.
Need some bedroom furniture now that I have room for it.
Yes, friends, that IS a dishwasher.
Livingroom furniture courtesy of Hadley.
My little writing/designing space in the office...decorations coming soon.

The outside of the building is pretty awesome too, but it's raining, and I don't feel like standing in the street in the rain to get a photo...

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  1. it's huge!!!

    i'll have to sneak in sometime and listen to your important life ;)