Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Two Cents

How is it that I don't want to do my writing for work, and all I want to do this morning is blog? Maybe I can write this off as a warm-up for the real writing to come later today...

I watched the video of Barak's speech yesterday on race in America. Words mean everything and absolutely nothing when it comes to politics, but whatever the outcome of the election, the man is an amazing orator. Maybe it's just the novelty of a politician who can pronounce all the words in his speech for once, who knows. To this thought, B., ever the incendiary, replied, "Yeah, so was Hitler." To which, belatedly, I reply, "And so was Bobby Kennedy." He went on to say that someone on NPR had worried that we "aren't allowed to say anything bad about him." There's plenty of room to criticize all three of the candidates, people just have to talk about real differences on the issues and not dismiss them based on sexist, racist, or even ageist attitudes that are so easy to throw out when we're too lazy to dig into the root of a problem.
Again, regardless of the outcome, it's a pretty exciting to live in a time in America when both a woman and a minority can be serious candidates for President. I cynically tend to believe that politicians can't really change anything and the best they can do is not make things worse, but I have to admit, the current state of affairs makes me hopeful.


  1. i'm just happy that you mentioned it doesn't make a difference who wins. finally, my apathetic attitude is spreading ;)

  2. You know, one thing that struck me about Obama's speech is how he made it very clear that progress would not be made in his term as president, if he were to win.

    I like this. I think often times, we expect change to happen so quickly that we vote based on this false idea of immediate satisfaction. Obama is honest in admitting that simply won't happen.