Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Change of Scenery

I just turned in my resignation letter...or something less dramatic (whatever you want to call the letter you give your landlord saying you aren't going to renew your lease). It felt good. I have hated this apartment pretty much since I set foot in it. And, I hate the management here almost as much. Yet, last year when the lease ran out, I was too lazy to pack up my many and varied belongings and schlep them somewhere new. No longer. I will pack, lift, and haul as many heavy boxes as necessary to get the hell out of here come May 30th.

And I'm done with the CWE...The area seems to be getting worse instead of better. No, I'm ready to sell out for the likes of Clayton or Brentwood. I want hardwood floors and a balcony/back porch. I want a second bedroom so I can have an actual home office. I definitely want a dishwasher and a washer/dryer combo. I want to trash my dumpy couches and get new furniture. I want to have room for a dresser and a dining room table. And, hope against hope, I'd love a yard in which to play with a puppy.

So long, hood...I'm ready to move on up to the west side.

PS: A shameless plug for my new favorite blog: Economy of Style. She's a fashion blogger after my own heart. Take it from someone who spends way too much time watching the Style network, she's awesome!

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  1. i'll gladly help you move again...that is if the death couch isn't involved.