Thursday, November 15, 2007

Puppy Dreams

I want a puppy! You have no idea how much. Look at that cute little guy in the picture above. *Sigh* Adorable!
It's not that I don't love my cat. Karma is the best (except for when she bites me on the ankle, unprovoked in the early morning hours). Look at that purely evil little face:

I got a cat in the beginning because she needed a home and I needed a pet that didn't require me to be home at regular intervals to walk her. She was about the size of my palm when I brought her home and spent the entire first night mewing pitifully. Pretty soon she was sleeping on my pillow, curled around the top of my head (and I wonder why I wake up with allergies every morning). She pokes me in the face with her little wet nose when she thinks it's past time to wake up and get her some kitten chow. She hides behind the clothes basket waiting for me to walk by, jumps out, and bounds away hoping I'll chase her back. Sometimes I do.

But I've never had a dog of my own either. My parents owned a giant doberman when I was small, but that was technically my dad's dog, even though Prince let me ride around on his back like a horse. The dog we had when I was older, Patches, was named by me (b/c he had different patches of color on him...I was so creative back then), but he was mostly my brother's dog. "Every boy needs a dog," my dad had said. So, I think a puppy of my own is long over due. I want to put it in dorky little argyle sweaters and fancy collars. I want to play tug-of-war with little rope toys (not my shoes...).

Unfortunately, my apartment is way too small for a whole puppy. It's almost too small for a cat. I'm still not home early or regularly enough to walk a dog. I don't have a yard for it to play in. It's just not time. So, the puppy remains a little wish for the future.


  1. Where'd you get a picture of little Molly? I don't think I could handle another one like her.

  2. why would you put a sweater on a're ridiculous.