Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Consider this:

5 reasons I'd make a pretty good President:

1. If I could keep my deliquent students in check, dealing with comparatively small-time dictators would be a piece of cake.

2. I have two years experience as class VP behind me. My record includes putting on an awesome junior prom and an exciting senior class trip.

3. I could finally put to good use all the knowledge of domestic and international affairs I've picked up from listening to NPR constantly. Who needs a law degree??

4. As a former English major, I will save the country money by writing my own speeches...and as an added bonus, I will be able to pronounce all the words in them and read them correctly from the teleprompter.

5. I can rock a power suit in ways even Hillary and Barack never dreamed of. Think about it.

Vote Cherry Blossoms in '08!

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