Friday, November 30, 2007

Last of the daily blogging...

Ah, the last day of National Blog Every Day Month. Not that I technically blogged every day. However, I look forward to returning to my former lackadaisical blogging style next week.

I'm so not ready for the holiday season. And, I don't mean I'm unprepared with adequate gifts for my loved ones, although I don't have any of those yet either. I'm just not in that mindset yet. Thus the reason that hearing the Christmas music that has recently begun to be piped into the hallways and elevator of my office building make me want to stick my fingers in my ears. And, Christmas lights...Christmas lights are like children to me--I don't mind taking a quick peek at someone else's in passing, but I surely don't need any for myself. I walk through the malls (during off hours, of course, to avoid the crowds) and can't imagine who wants festive holiday pjs from VS or Crocs in holiday colors. Yeah, I know, bah humbug.

I think it's more the descent of winter weather than anything. I hate being cold, which I am when the temperature drops below about 75 degrees. I hate having to bath in lotion to keep my skin from getting dried out. And most of all, I hate seeing the sun for about half an hour a day (if I'm lucky) on the drive to work and how it's pitch dark by the time I emerge from the office. Early darkness saps my energy and makes me want to crawl under the covers for the night by like 7 pm.

I thought I had a plan...I've been mentally preparing myself for winter since October. When the daylight started ending sooner, I started telling myself that the worst of it would be until the end of December, and then the sunlight hours would start building again. I thought if I was prepared the impact would be lessened. And, in some way it has a little. But there's still a part of me that feels mopey and lazy for no reason at all.

I've also been trying to revel in all the things about winter I do like. Winter is the time for candles lit in the windows; the overwhelming desire to bake; cuddling and movie marathons; cashmere; ice skating in Forest Park (constant complaining about the temperature mandatory); surprise gifts of all shapes and sizes; parties, parties, and more parties; down comforters; hot coffee, cider, wine, or chocolate spiked with various liquors; boots (!) and scarves; and, of course, company paid holidays.

So maybe I'll get into the holiday spirit sooner or later. Just don't expect Christmas cards. :)


  1. i share your feelings almost exactly right now.

    ps: i'll miss your blog everyday-ish-ness

    pps: i'm not sure if double hyphens are allowed in one word, but i did it :P