Friday, May 25, 2007

Not half as cool as I think I am

Just when I'm feeling particular edgy and cool, I talk to one of my younger sisters (ages 20 and 17) and realize I live under an adult-size rock.

I think it's ridiculous that musical taste has become the major method of categorizing the way people dress. Whatever happened to labels like preppy, dirtbag, and sporty? I had finally gotten used to a few of the musical categories, like hippie, punk, emo, and indie. But there are apparently more...many many more.

It all started when I was telling my sister that I was dating someone. "You mean the preppy guy?" she asked. "Actually I misjudged him; he's turned out to be more of an Indie kid," I informed her. She then proceeded to tell me how our cousin is also an indie kid, which he denies and that she is often accused of being a scene girl. "A what?" I asked. "A scene girl, but so many people are just fashion core these days, who can even tell..." she said. Which scene? Fashion core? I was utterly confused.

Thanks to Urban Dictionary, I now have a fairly good idea what she was talking about, but still...When I mentioned the subject to B, who was quite good natured about being mistaken as preppy, he suggested that music has always influenced fashion and been one way we label the way people dress. He cited examples of ranging from beatniks to country to greasers to jazz all the way back to the medieval traveling minstral. "What?" I asked incredulously. "Sure, they had costumes and shit." That I can't argue except that did people who were really into the minstral music also dress like minstrals when they were not actual performers? I doubt that one. The itinerate schedule would have lent itself well to the tour date t-shirt though.

Anyway, there's no getting away from it. And once you get to a certain age, isn't it all a question of fashion anyway? Is anyone really and truly still a hardcore "kid" after the age of 25? To me it's all about the outfit, not the social statement. I guess that would make me fashion core minus the core...

Let's call that fashionista!

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  1. first of all, i am still 19. don't make me sound like an old fogey (sp?) until july 10 is past.
    second of all, amy was misquoted. she does not insinuate herself to be fashion core.
    third of all, i am the coolest person alive.
    fourth of all, fashionista is a made up term. that's why when i type it in firefox it puts a red line underneath it.
    fifth of all, i just wanted to end on a even five number even though it's odd number really. uh...yeah
    good blog, muh sista