Thursday, February 17, 2011

One in a Million

Just when I think I'm losing my running mojo, the weather gets warmer, the snow melts a little, and I can't get enough of footfalls on pavement. I get tired but don't want to stop moving through the cool, crisp air. I'm back, people! I know it's only February and it's going to get cold again, but I'm relishing every single moment of our pre-spring.

I always complain about drivers who don't pay attention to cyclists, pedestrians, and runners. So, I thought I'd take a moment to appreciate a driver today, who though he didn't see me at first, made up for it afterwards. I was on a late evening run today; it was twilight. I was on the sidewalk that runs in front of our local high school. As I neared one of the entrances, I saw a small, red car coming up fast to its stop sign from the parking area. I was fairly certain that the driver didn't notice me (I kind of always assume the driver doesn't see's saved me many a close call). So, while I was still moving tentatively into the crosswalk, I was prepared to stop. The car screeched up to the stop sign and was about to go...I paused...and then the driver saw me. He held up his hand in a guilty wave, and I finished crossing. I didn't really think anything about it...after all, it was getting dark.

So you can imagine my surprised when his car pulled up along side of me. "Hey--SO sorry about that back there. I've really got to watch what I'm doing. Just felt bad." "No problem," I responded, "I was paying attention for you." Wow--instead of flipping me off or yelling out the window at me, he apologized. I ran on my way with smile. With a little consideration for each other, runners and drivers CAN get along!

Looking forward to another decent weekend and getting some more miles in! Be safe out there!

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