Friday, October 1, 2010

9 Days & Counting

Next week at this time, I'll be packing my bags and heading to the airport for the (very short) flight to Chicago. This marathon is really happening! Be prepared for more posts similar to this in the coming 9 days. Because, I really can't believe it. I think I'm ready, though. And, running is at least 10% mental, right?

Tapering has been interesting. Good part: More time in my day to spend on things besides running. Hard part: Having to stop after only 3 or 4 miles once I'm out there. Surprisingly hard to do. Next week when I have scheduled a 3, 2, and 2 will be interesting for sure.

As far as race plans go, I have my outfits picked out...yes, outfits plural. I'm not sure how cold it's going to be, so I'm going to bring a few different tops (jacket, long sleeves, short sleeves, tank, throw-away shirt) to choose from that morning. I've got plenty of Hammer Gels. I've got a hand-held bottle that doesn't leak. I've made plans to pick up my Trader Joe's Greek yogurt (the true breakfast of champions) when we get into town. What else could a girl need?
Any tips/tricks/good to knows from you seasoned marathoners??

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  1. I thought it was 90% mental - hahahhaa. I don't know what it is, but the mental part is what will get you through when the physical part just isn't quite sure.

    I know just what you mean about the shorter runs. Lately I just want more and more mileage and am starting to up every one of my scheduled runs to an extra mile or two. Although I'm currently building up mileage, I know that I can't go too fast or I'll get injured.

    Have a great weekend!