Monday, August 16, 2010

Ruminations on "17"

The week leading up to my planned 17 mile run was a rough one. My banged up knees were recovering from their trip from the bike to the pavement last Sunday. They were definitely in working order, just a little sore, but I took it easy on them just in case. Then there was the heat warning that stretched from Monday-Friday where heat indexes were in the 110's and above. Because of this, I made the decision to hold my long run until Sunday morning as the temps were supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler.

It was not. At 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, it felt like 87 degrees according to my weather app. It was still very dark, and I anticipated that I'd get about 5 miles in before sunrise, which would be a good thing. And, I was off...

Mile 1: I see a bunny rabbit crossing a major the cross walk. Street-smart urban wildlife!

Mile 2: Stomach issue rears its ugly head, and I plan to stop off at the nearest Starbucks to use their restroom. I discover that Starbucks isn't open at 5:00 on Sunday.

Mile 2-5: Stomach settles down. Decide to wait until I reach the park at mile 5 to take my first nutrition gel just in case.

Mile 5-8: It's nice to see human beings again now that I'm on the park path. About a mile of the park path has been bulldozed out to be replaced. I, following one of those fellow human beings, ignore the detour sign and end up doing a little cross country running in the grass along side the muddy remains of the path. Note to self, follow signs, not people.

Miles 8-10: At a bathroom stop, as I'm pulling up my CW-X stability tights, I realize the seam in the inner thigh has begun to disintegrate and there's a  hole. The same thing is happening on the other side, too. Good thing I paid extra for high quality gear. I begin composing my letter to the manufacturer.

Mile 10-13: I'm daydreaming about when I'll be done and at home stretching...My shoes feel literally water logged. Not kidding, I hear sloshing...I'm sweating that much. I don't let that stop me from stopping at McDonalds for a Powerade to refill my water bottle. I hand the cashier my $2 from my Spibelt. It's also water logged. She looks at me like I'm the nastiest person alive. Guess I should have put it in the plastic bag with my phone.

Mile 13-15: I'm celebrating having only a couple of miles to go and only one more big hill. I'm trying to hold my arms away from my body b/c the Body Glide has worn off and I'm chaffing big time. I mentally note that the sidewalks are in terrible shape and I need to watch it so I don't fall. Seconds later I bite it big time. Face plant into the sidewalk. I leave the better part of the skin on the heel of my right hand on the concrete and tear a hole in the knee of the aforementioned tights. I sit on the sidewalk momentarily, teary eyed, half hoping no one saw my clumsiness, half hoping someone will come out of their house and give me a band aid. No one does.

Mile 15-16: I limp along, bleeding profusely from the hand, calling B's cell phone repeatedly (he promised to leave his ringer on in case I needed something, but he's not answering). I realize the iPhone touch screen doesn't work touched with wet fingers. B. finally answers. Turns out his ringer was on but the volume was down. I tell him where I am and keep walking in the direction of home. He meets me at exactly 16 miles. Yes, I'm counting that last mile even though I walked it.

  1. Choosing not to be disappointed by being a mile short. I said when I started that I was doing a hybrid of the novice 1 and novice 2 training plans. Plan 1 said 15, Plan 2 said 17. I was in between.
  2. Before my own feet got in the way, things were going pretty good. While being tired may have played some role in the fall, I won't allow that to make me think I can't do this!

Goal for next weekend's workout?
  1. No bleeding!
  2. Get into a good head space despite a couple of difficult experiences.
Questions I need to answer:
  1. What's the etiquette for entering businesses or making purchases while sweating like a pig?
  2. Can I still try to get my tights replaced for the defective inner thigh seams now that the knee is shot?
Here's to a better week this week!


  1. Good for you ... this was a tough run with alot stacked against you and you still made it. 17 miles in that kind of heat ... I can't even imagine.

    I don't think there's an etiquette for that kind of thing ... but there's alot worse that goes through those places on a regular basis. If it bothers you, put your money is plastic next time so it's not damp (yeah I guess that would be pretty gross ;) ). And I don't see why you can't claim for the defective seams because of a tear at the knee. Certainly the rip due to falling wouldn't have contributed to the thigh seam tearing.

  2. WOW! Awesome run! 16 miles is still very good. And you're right in between the training plans. :) I don't think there is any etiquette for going in sweating like a pig. Who cares? They'll get over it. I would try to return the tights too. The worst they can say is no.