Saturday, June 12, 2010

Training: Chicago Marathon - Week 1

Well, despite feeling like my sinuses are going to explode (thank you, StL allergens), week 1 of 18 is in the books. I say that like it's a big deal, but the first week didn't ask any more from me than I was already doing for regular workouts. In fact, I skipped a strength session I normally do...
Anyhow my week looked like this (Boring, yes, but I'm mostly documenting this for myself...):

Monday - 50 minute circuit training
Tuesday - 3.15 run (10.10 pace)
Wednesday - 5.01 run (10.31 pace)
Thursday - 3.01 run (10.00 pace)
Saturday - 8.75 run (11.03 pace)
Sunday - 60 minutes yoga (okay, so I guess week 1 isn't technically in the books yet...)

Since it's been so stupid humid around here, I did both Thursday's and today's run in the early 6:30 am early morning. I'm proud of myself, can't you tell? Look at me being a "morning person"! Thursday was incredible. It was cool and barely humid, and best of all, the streets were virtually empty except for a few other runners and cyclists. It made me want to run early more often. Today by 6:30, it was already 80 with something like 70% humidity. There were tons of other runners out this morning. I noticed something different about morning runners...they talk to you. Every single runner I passed said hi or good morning. When I stopped at the water fountain in Forest Park to refill my water bottles, I chatted for a minute with two old guys who were training for a half. I'm definitely a lone runner, but it was nice to have a few moments of human interaction just the same.

Anyway, that's all I've got. Have a great weekend, and happy running!

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