Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CW-X Stability Tights

My self-portrait in the mirror skills need work, but here's a look at my new CW-X stability tights. I've been coveting them for ages and finally got my hands on a pair:

(my cat Karma just loves a photo op...)

They looked positively tiny when I pulled them out of the box. And, there were instructions for putting them on...the mark of a serious pair of tights! Basically, the instructions were to situate the knee caps in the center diamond. These tights were significantly thicker than my others (mostly Nike Dry Fit); they felt kind of like a wet suit. I could definitely feel the support around my knees and the lower part of my hamstrings.

They arrived just in time for my "long-ish" Tuesday run, so I was happy to take them out for a spin. I looked like a super hero in training, now it was time to see if them helped me run like one.

It was hot and humid here last week (surprise, it's suddenly summer in StL), and I was a little concerned that the extra thickness would translate to extra heat. But, all was well. The only difference between these and my Nike tights was the lack of the "vents" (i.e., a mesh) behind the knees that my Nikes have. I did sweat buckets, but the fabric did an excellent job of wicking.

I wasn't trying to run extra fast or anything, but my mile splits were all under 10 minutes (one as fast as 8:35). Was it the new tights? Probably just the placebo effect, but I was happy. I wore them again on my long run on Saturday (yes, I washed them in between times =) ). The support in the knees and core really helped. My hip was far less tender that day than it usually is after a double digit run. While these are pricey, for my wonky joints, they're well worth it. I'd love to get another pair of capris and probably a full length pair when winter rolls around.

These will definitely be joining me on marathon weekend!

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  1. ohh i have been wanting a pair of those as well! I have shorts, but think a slightly longer pair of capri's would be awesome