Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Things I've Seen

Now that I run without an iPod most of the time, I find myself noticing a lot more about my surrounding--sights, sounds, smells. I thought I'd share a few from last night's run:

1. A lone can of Libby's pumpkin puree lying on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. I wondered how it ended up there (b/c there weren't any driveways terribly near by) and who was making pumpkin pie in April.

2. A puffy dead squirrel--biggest squirrel I've ever seen; I thought it was a cat at first. Both disgusting and sad (but not as sad as if it'd been a cat).

3. The inviting smell of flowers (I have no idea what kind...purple) mixed with the nose-wrinkling smell of new mulch.

4. A fellow runner carrying the cutting edge discman...Who even needs an MP3 player??

5. A runner who, apparently used to the seas parting for him, ran directly down the middle of the sidewalk toward me, leaving me to practically leap into a bush to avoid being mowed over.

6. Honking...followed by a long leer out the window. Gross. Come any closer and you'll get an eyefull of pepper spray.

7. The green-yellow film of pollen covering cars and sidewalks everywhere I ran. But, my histamine-proofed nose was good to go--I love you Sudafed!

8. An ice cream truck playing a children's tune over the loud speaker...I couldn't remember the name of the song or the lyrics...All that came to mind was Chingy's version "Do Your Chain Hang Low."

9. A little girl running across the lawn and down the sidewalk after said ice cream truck, whose cries of "ICE CREAM!!!" turned into sobs as she collapsed onto the sidewalk in a forlorn heap when the truck didn't stop. Can't blame ya little sista, I've been known to do the same when I miss out on ice cream.

10. A rough kitten tongue licking my ankles as I stretched out...yum, salty!


  1. Hah! I love your list! Isn't it amazing what you see on a run? And as for the can of pumpkin, I LOVE pumpkin and buy it year round....not for pie per se, but to eat with yogurt, whipped topping, smoothies, etc!

  2. Ah man, missing the ice cream truck is the WORST! Although even worse than that is to be that ice cream truck driver that has to listen to that music all day long. Would drive me batty!