Sunday, March 14, 2010


Confession: In the constant battle between healthy, active living and lethargy, lethargy has been kicking my ass lately.

I've been eating what I want to eat (i.e., fatty bad things) instead of what I need to eat (i.e., low calorie good things). I skipped my workouts on Thursday and Saturday because of the poor excuse "well, I have an appointment and neither before or after that 'works' for me." I could have made one of these up on Friday, my usual rest day, but I didn't. The workouts I did have this past week were mediocre at best.

So, it's time re-commit to the process. Again. As many times as it takes until I get where I need to be. For the rest of my life. Here are my vows in this re-commitment ceremony to my body:

I promise to help you get rid of those last, stubborn but unneeded 10 lbs so you can be a healthy weight to drag me through all the activities I try to put you through. To make this happen, I will stop with the junk and give you the fuel you need. Specifically,

  1. I'm cutting back to no more than 1 caramel machiatto a week. If I drink that machiatto on Monday, that's it. Regular coffee the rest of the week.
  2. Back to measuring, counting, and recording the food I eat more carefully. Just because I ate that handful of cereal so quickly you couldn't see it doesn't mean it didn't have calories.
  3. I'm going to stay within my calorie limits needed to lose a pound a week. If I'm going to dinner out, I'm going to adjust the day's calories accordingly. Splurging isn't splurging if you do it all the time; it's a way of life--the one that got you where you were before.
  4. More veggies and fruit. Less (preferably no) chips, ice cream, candy bars, diet soda.

I'm also going to recommit to burning calories through meaningful workouts and the following:

  1. I'm going to do 5 to 6 workouts a week, 3 cardio, 2-3 strength.
  2. If I have an appointment in the afternoon, I will get my lazy self out of bed before work and do it in the morning.
  3. I'm going to resist the urge to take a nap after work and then go work out. It messes up my sleep and starts a terrible cycle of staying up too late and waking up crabby and tired.
  4. I'm going to recommit to strength training. It makes running so much easier when your legs and core and even upper body are strong.
  5. I'm going to go to a minimum of 1 yoga class per week to help my body deal with the stress of running. I may also count this as a strength session.
  6. Finally, to keep myself accountable this week, and possible going forward, I'm going to post my workout schedule on this blog and update as I complete each one.

And, while I'm doing all this for you, you use what I'm giving you to lose those 10 pounds already and keep getting toned and fit. Deal? Deal.

Workout Schedule 03/14 - 3/20

Sunday - Vinyasa Yoga (90 minutes): Check!

Monday - Strength circuits (50 minutes): Check!

Tuesday - Run (4-5 miles)

Wednesday - Strength circuits (50 minutes)

Thursday - Run (5-6 miles)

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Long Run (8-12 miles)

Back to business! Hopefully this keeps me accountable...


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  2. I hear ya, I have some serious issues with my eating I can't seem to keep it in check for an extended period of time so you are not alone. you have put together a great recommitment contract for yourself. Maybe you should print it out and hang it up somewhere where it will be a daily reminder. Looks like a really full week of workouts, you can do it, no scratch that you will do it. :) Have a great week. I look forward to hearing how it went.

  3. I'm right there with ya! I need to get back in line with working out and eating right. With the long runs, I was getting careless with food and then too tired to workout all week long. I'm sure you'll get right back on track :)

  4. Thanks ladies! So far so good today on working out and keeping calories in check. I do so much better with that when I'm busy at work!

  5. Love your attitude and re-commitment!

    Can't wait to see you kill your goals!