Thursday, October 29, 2009

Use It Or Lose It

Last night, during our short reprieve from the rain, I went on my first outdoor run since last Monday. Not for lack of desire, but last week I was a little sick, and then last Friday was the dreaded wisdom teeth surgery, which put me out of commission for a few days. Then came the incessant rain...
So, I found myself setting out not having run for 8 days. I didn't anticipate any problems, but it sure did start out hard. My chest felt like it was going to explode, my allergies kicked in, and I found myself taking a couple of 1 minute walk breaks.
But, sure enough, after about 3 miles, that recently familiar feeling of being able to keep going indefinitely kicked in. I ended up doing about two miles more than I intended when I started.
I didn't really want to stop when I did, but I had plans that evening that I needed to de-sweat for. I was just happy to get outside again and enjoy non-rainy fall for a minute.

I am concerned about this winter...I have cold-weather gear, and as it turns out, I run pretty well in the cold (possibly better than the insane summer heat), but when the snow hits, I'm gonna have to take it inside. Monday, I was at the gym and tried to use the treadmill....Yikes! I can't run as fast or as long on treadmill as I can outside. I feel like it makes me stride and hold my arms weird (to avoid flying off the back). Plus, it's so damn boring! I'll put gym going off as long as possible, but got to figure out something--Anyone have any suggestions?

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