Monday, July 27, 2009

Breaking new ground

I've been running consistently for about four months now. I started out small, running and walking my way through a couple of miles. Lately, I've been doing about 4 miles (including a 10 minute warm-up walk). I plan to do a couple more 5ks in September, but my latest goal is to run in a 10k in October. 6.2 miles is a looooong way for someone like me (someone who has to talk to themselves the whole time they run: "Don't stop, make it to that tree before you stop, okay, try to make it to the water fountain" get the idea). So, in preparation for this 10k goal, I decided I needed to up my mileage. I had some free time Saturday, so I headed to Forest Park (St. Louis's answer to Central Park) to run the outer loop that runs around the perimeter of the park. According to the Forest Park website, the loop is 6 miles. According to the St. Louis Track Club website, it's really about 5.65 miles. It also says there are "moderate" hills. I'd like to say that for a novice runners, this course has heart-may-explode hills. Either way, I told myself I was going to give it a shot, that I didn't have to run the whole time, but I did have to finish. About 75 minutes later, I returned to my starting point. I ended up walking about a mile and a half, but I ran a heck of a lot more than I expected. 10k here I come!

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  1. Hey YOU! :) I wasn't sure if it was YOU at first lol Thanks for the link to Ash is Fit. What a story. I will have to dig deep into her blog and find her weight loss secrets. I need it! lol That is so amazing you have been running for four months! I can only dream of running ha!