Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My 100th Blog

Part of me felt like I should save this 100th blog for something really special, but I can't do it (and really, shouldn't there be balloons and confetti like they have for 100th episodes of television shows?). I'm sitting in the sunshine at St. Louis Bread Co., drinking a soy caramel latte (no whip), supposedly writing for work. Spring has arrived in the StL at long last, and I couldn't be happier about it unless, of course, I stumbled upon a sale on shorts that wouldn't make Daisy Duke blush (and/or had the legs [and lack of shame] to pull them off). So, here I sit, actual writing to do, and I all I can do is: 1.) Make mental lists of things I need to do before I move...namely start packing. and 2.) Fantasize about my long weekend mini vacation...two more days.

My tiny apartment is filled to the brim with 2 years with of accumulated crap. Part of me really looks forward to the purge. Seriously. Clothes that don't fit that I wish might one day, books that sucked, cds that are an embarrassment to own, papers from graduate school and beyond (that also live on a USB drive), mangled cat toys, and a pleather couch that has seen better days--all of it hits the dumpster before I go. In conjunction with that, I also can't stop stalking CraigsList for great furniture deals to help fill my new, much larger apartment with pretty things. I foresee a definite nesting mode coming on. Exactly 8 days until I sell out on the hippie ideal of urban revitalization and move to Clayton. Frankly, I can't wait.

But on Friday morning, I'll leave all this behind for three beautiful days. In honor of our one year anniversary and our mutual love of the Decemberists, B. and I are roadtripping to KU to see Colin Meloy play and then spending the rest of the weekend hanging out in Lawrence and KC. Just having a day off work that doesn't include a doctor's appointment (or carrying heavy boxes come May 2nd-3rd) sounds like heaven. Now, if only the weather holds up.
PS: Who wants to feed my cat while I'm gone???

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