Friday, January 25, 2008

Things I Don't Need to See (But Sure Made Me Laugh)

I was foiled again by my lack of a Blackberry last night...

I had just arrived at Trendy Houlihan's in Brentwood. As I as gathering my things to head inside for my going away happy hour, I noticed the guy getting out of the car next to me. He dropped his scarf and leaned over to get it.

I did a double take.

No, not because he had an exceptional ass. Because I thought I saw something odd. I needed a second look.

And, yes, he did in fact have a tramp stamp tattoo. You know the one, the tribal design on the small of the back. The one made popular by uncreative girls everywhere. Girls...not men.

I gasped with glee and grabbed for my phone. But alas, my handbag is like a black hole for cell phones and once I found it, flipping it open and finding the camera button took too long. Mr. Tramp-Stamp was gone. I couldn't share my Don't spotting with the world...

I was left with many questions: 1. Did he know about this tattoo or was it a drunken prank? 2. Was I on a hidden camera show? 3. Did he in fact identify as female and perhaps even a "tramp"? 4. Is this the latest thing in men's tattooing (did I spot a trend and not a don't?)? I suppose I'll never know.

And, I apologize for lack of photo....really, it would have been great.


  1. Well that is one tat I'll never get although I have one that already reaches down there. Does that count.