Monday, November 12, 2007

I read it online, so it must be true

What his video games reveal about him. Where was this article when I was dating around? I know the first thing I was scoping out in a guy's apartment was his gaming systems. If only I'd known how to decipher their meaning. Some categories were missing though:

A guy with no video game systems:
Probably an alien. What guy doesn't have at least one? Check his computer for PC games, which are way geekier than video games. If he buys imaginary swords on eBay for his World of Warcraft character, you should probably leave immediately.

A guy with all the video game systems:
Too involved in gaming to date. Also, possibly lacks loyalty. If he can't commit to a system, he probably won't commit to you either.

A guy with joysticks for playing old school aracade games:
My kind of guy.

I should totally be writing BS articles for MSN!


  1. Oh, that's why you hold it like that.

  2. so now i understand martin. he's a wii man. i'm a xbox girl. what a crazy couple.